Title Examination and Title Curative

While we recognize that title review can be a very tedious process, a strong title team is a necessity for a successful real estate practice. Our group has the capacity to review a high volume of titles without sacrificing quality.

  • Spot more issues upfront
  • Use creativity¬†to resolve issues more cost effectively than our competitors
  • Fast and cheaper overall than the title claims process
  • Offer flat fee options on title curative for cost certainty on many commonly seen issues
  • Experience working for most of the major title companies in our states
  • Resolve even the most complex issues encountered

Title Commitments and Title Opinions

We provide title commitments and title opinions for commercial and residential real estate matters. We will need a full title examination and one of our title attorneys will review prior to issuing the commitment or opinion.

Title Insurance

Through our title agencies, Rubin Lublin can provide owners and lenders title insurance policies for clients. See our closing resources page for a link to the title insurance rates.