The RL Advantage

Formed in April, 2009, Rubin Lublin, LLC (“RL”) represents the vision of two preeminent real estate attorneys, Glen Rubin and Peter Lublin who began working together in the early 1990’s in Atlanta, Georgia. By 2009, each stood at the very forefront of their respective real estate related practice areas.  Rubin had honed a national reputation in the area of mortgage default law, while Lublin had established himself as one of the leading real estate and title litigation attorneys in the country.

While always embracing technological advancement, they witnessed their industry shifting too far away from the personalization, attention to detail and professionalism that were its hallmarks some 20 years prior. By the late 2000’s, industry firms were measured, not by the quality of their legal work, but by their capacity to handle large volumes and their ability to deliver faster and faster turn times.

From the time of its formation, RL represented a return to the “old school” values of personalization, attention to detail and professionalism.  In doing so our firm became the vanguard of its industry.  RL always puts quality first. RL surpasses its competitors by employing  and rigorously training more attorneys in proportion to the legal work it handles. This allows RL to have attorneys touching files at more key points than the competition, across all areas of its practice. As a result, RL spots and addresses more errors, allowing our firm to deliver a superior legal product to that of our competitors.

We call it the RL Advantage.

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