If you are a borrower who has been foreclosed upon (or the heir/legal representative of a deceased borrower), please reach out to our Excess Proceeds team first to determine whether the sale of your property generated any funds. Although there are many companies that offer to collect these funds on your behalf, please note that Rubin Lublin has no affiliation with these companies and does not endorse the services of any of these companies. If you need legal advice regarding your potential right to these funds, please contact an attorney licensed in the appropriate state to advise you.

If you are a Mortgage Holder, Homeowner’s Association or Lienholder with a subordinate interest in a property with an interest in a property we have foreclosed upon, please reach out to our Excess Proceeds team with an accurate payoff statement so that we can determine your entitlement to the funds.

Please email excessfundsinquiry@rlselaw.com for any inquiries.